Origins & Background

The Academy of Psychological Clinical Science grew out of a conference on “Clinical Science in the 21st Century,” hosted by Indiana University – Bloomington, and held in April 1994. Prominent scientists representing 35 graduate training programs in clinical or health psychology were invited to the conference; 25 were able to attend. In addition, one key administrator each from the National Institute of Mental health (Jane Steinberg) and APS (Alan Kraut) participated, along with doctoral students from Indiana’s clinical science program.  The aim of the conference was to analyze the changing landscape in scientific clinical/health psychology and to chart a course for advancing the interests of clinical science.

The Academy of Psychological Clinical Science held its inaugural meeting in New York City, July 1-2, 1995, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of Psychological Science (APS).  Representatives of 21 North American doctoral training programs met to draft a founding mission statement and bylaws for APCS.